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MD Metal Recycling Services has the experience needed to understand the needs of the  scrapyards, manufacturers, demolition companies and other business that purchase or produce large quantities of scrap metal. Our goal is to help you get your metal moved and to make it as easy and profitable as possible for everyone involved.

Scrap metal, baled aluminum


At MD Metal Recycling, we buy  truckload quantities of scrap metal from scrapyards across the United States.  Our customers know that we make every effort to provide excellent customer service with prompt payment.  

Industrial Scrap!


We buy  from a variety of manufacturers that use metal in the production of their products.  These companies end up with large and small pieces of metal that is the result of the manufacturing process of what they produce. Recycling this scrap can help your company reduce the cost of waste pick up and provide you with some additional income.

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Demolition and Construction Scrap!


Aside from the environmental benefits of salvaging metals from a demolition or construction job, recycling also reduces your waste disposal costs and increases your company's overall revenue. Talk to us to see if we can provide options to pick up your scrap metal.


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